Mosaics ❣️

Nova and I went out for lunch at Boston Pizza after school and as we were eating a commercial came on the tv about some sort of glass mosaic art pieces.

Nova freaked out when she saw this one tv. She yelled “Ashley what is that!?!”  I gave her the best explaination I could considering I don’t really know anything about it! She asked how we could make a craft similar to the art pieces she saw. I told her we could cut up some tissue paper pieces and she could pick a shape to glue them onto too.

This is a quick craft so don’t expect to be at it too long! Especially with Nova, she gets so excited and just races through it in hopes we go onto something else!

I told Nova to pick out a piece of construction paper while I cut some tissue pieces out for her.

When she came back with the construction paper she asked me why we couldn’t just break some glass things and use the pieces to make the same art as on tv…. I had to explain that isn’t quite how it works! 🙈

Nova picked a black piece of construction paper and asked me to draw a heart shape on it for her ❤️

She got her glue stick and started sticking on her tissue paper.

Nova glued on all of the pieces she wanted in the heart shape. She loved the red tissue paper and asked me to cut that color into hearts.

Once she was finished I used the outline to cut out the heart shape for her. She was so excited. She said “it looks just like the art but with paper!!!”

She told me that we had to put this aside until it was Valentines Day so that she could give it to my parents! I told her that’s a little ways away still so for now it is pinned to her art wall in her room 😛

This is a good one for younger children as well. Great for motor skills! Nova said she wants to do this one again but make a big triangle next time! 

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