Robots 🤖

It was another miserable rainy day so we decided that after we picked up Nova from school, we’d stay in and avoid the rain. 

I honestly feel I have gone through all the possible crafts on Pinterest so I decided to search “rainy day activities” instead. Luckily I was able to find a bunch of new crafts and activities to save by doing that! 

With that search I came across a ton of robot crafts for some reason – something I had never thought of before. With our dog having mouth surgery recently, we had a couple tin cans from the soft food laying around, so I showed Nova the robot crafts and she was really interested as it was something new! 

I washed one of the cans really well and peeled off the label. While I did this Nova picked out the items she needed to make her robot. She got paint, eyes, pompoms, gems and pipecleaners. 

Nova painted the can pink and then I helped her with hot gluing on the body parts. 

Nova loves these huge eyeballs. They came in a pack at the dollarstore and she wants to use them for everything! She decided she wanted to add another smaller eyeball in the middle… now it’s a monster robot! 

She twisted around the pipe cleaners to make antennas and arms and then wanted to hot glue on some “buttons” on the front and some gems onto his head. 

Here is Novas final result! Pretty cool looking robot I must say! 🤖

Looking for some robot crafts? Here’s 25!

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