Who doesn’t love some noisy crafts for a rainy day! Nova loves dancing around the living room when music is playing, so why not show her how to make an instrument she can dance around with!

We have a ziploc bag full of bells that have been in the craft drawers for awhile now, so when I saw tambourines I knew that was perfect to use some of those! Plus they are smaller bells so they aren’t too loud.

Nova grabbed a styrofoam paper plate, paint, bells and a couple gems.

TIP: I would recommend using an actual paper plate instead of styrofoam. We didn’t have any so we made do with what we had! But savage children shaking styrofoam plates results in cracking tambourines 😛

I cut the paper plate in half and had planned on gluing them together to make it wider, but Nova asked if we could keep them apart so that she could make two!

Nova started painting each half pink 😋

Once the plates were dry, I helped her hot glue the bells around the edge of the plates, as well as the gems she picked out. She wanted a big purple gem in the middle of one, and two small blue butterfly gems

Then began her dance party… shake your tambourine 😋


We definitely will do this craft again with paper plates and try the link above! I love that they tied the bells onto the plate instead of gluing them! 

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