Day Of Pumpkins! 🎃

Today was 80% about pumpkins! We started off the afternoon by pricing out some flooring and backsplash for our place as we have been doing renovations nonstop for over a year now. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and headed right to an afternoon of pumpkins 🎃

I picked up a pack of garbage bags with the faces on them from the dollarstore (looks like pumpkins once you fill them up) and we went looking for leaves. We decided to head to an alley way behind Curtis’ sisters house as there is a ton of trees back there. On our way we drove passed a gentleman who was raking up piles of leaves and bagging them in his front yard. We stopped and asked him if we could throw some leaves in our bags! He was happy to have us to do as it was less work for him! We had them filled up in no time and we didn’t even need to rake them ourselves! 

We headed home and Nova placed them on the lawn! 

Best $2 purchase ever! Thank god for dollarstores 😛

Afterwards we headed to the grocery store to pick out some pumpkins. They had a giant pumpkin on display and Nova really wanted that one! They had a draw going for it, so we could end up with it after all 😉

We invited Novas auntie Cora Leigh over to carve with us so we bought 4 pumpkins and headed home to set up! 

We decided this year we would print out some stencils and actually make some decent pumpkins instead of just sticking the knife in and making it up. Even though I did end up doing that with the fourth pumpkin 🤷🏼‍♀️

We cleaned the pumpkins and picked out stencils to print off. I found a face to do for mine, Nova decided on the poop emoji 💩 (auntie helped with this one) and Curtis chose a spider.

We realized after an hour of tracing and trying to get our stencils on the pumpkins that we went way too far with the idea and it would’ve been so much easier to just make faces 🤔 but we were already in too deep and had to finish! 

Took us a couple hours but they turned out so much better then we thought they would! And as it got darker… they just got even better looking 😋

We still have some small decorations to put up, but having the carved pumpkins on the deck really makes it feel like Halloween is coming 🎃

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