Tissue Paper Canvas 

After I dropped off Nova at school today, I went through Pinterest to find a craft involving tissue paper. Last time my parents came to visit I asked them to bring up a bunch of different colors of tissue paper as they can get it much cheaper then up here.

When I was kid my mom loved doing crafts with me that involved tissue paper – and I still love them! Just passing the fun onto Nova now.

I came across one called Bleeding Tissue Paper Canvas Art and I knew Nova would like this one. She likes anything that involves using a canvas.

I cut out circles of 7 different colors of tissue paper and set up a craft station at the table for Nova.

Place the canvas inside a cookie sheet (or something similar) to avoid getting water on your table.

When we got home from school Nova freaked out when she saw this set up at the table. “Are we doing a canvas craft!?” Yes, yes we are! 🎨

I sprayed down the canvas before she began to put the tissue pieces on. This causes the tissue paper to stick on right away. Continue to spray as need be. I didn’t spray again until she was done placing them all, and I think spraying more times throughout the placement of tissue pieces would result in more of a “bleeding” effect.

Nova was on a mission to use every piece of tissue paper that I had on the table for her – and of course she did!

She loved this craft. It’s so simple, yet it looks so neat! I’m thinking if she wanted to do this one again, I will cut her out a different shape – like squares or hearts.

You are supposed to let it dry and then take off the tissue paper pieces to see the “bleeding” affect. Novas is pretty wet still so we will see how it turns out later on!

***Finished product – we took off all of the pieces of tissue paper, but I think they were too overlapped as not much of it actually “bled” onto the canvas. Novas looked better with all the dots still on! Would be a good project to try and mod podge! 😋

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