Moon Rocks 🌝

I’ve had this one on a Pinterest board for awhile and it’s just one we hadn’t gotten around to yet! After doing all of these baking soda & vinegar experiments (which Nova LOVES by the way), I had the idea to make a “moon rock” and then let her dissolve it with vinegar!

The post I found it from just makes the rocks to play with them and examine them, but I knew Nova would love disolving it much more, plus I added a little surprise to it!

She wanted to do the fizzing colours experiment again so as she was doing that one I prepared a “moon rock” for her 🌛

This is another really easy one. I prepared the experiment as it has black food colouring in it so it has the potential to be messy and it requires wearing gloves. I had her drop in the food colouring and dump the glitter packets so that she was still involved in the preparation!

All you need is baking soda, food colouring, glitter, water and vinegar! I use a baking dish for these types of experiments because it’s glass and she can see more that way.

First I “measured” out the baking soda, and by that I mean I dumped some into a container. I’m not much for measuring and the actual post calls for 4 cups of baking soda but we didn’t have that much so I figured I’d just make one egg and guess how much water to add. Then Nova added in LOTS of glitter (we could’ve put a lot more even) and food colouring. The black color wasn’t showing up very well so we used a lot of it. This makes the “dough” wet so we didn’t need much water after to hold it together and make a ball.

After this part I got Nova to finish up her other experiment so I could stick some surprises into the ball as I made it! 💎

I cleaned out her last experiment and placed the moon rock into the glass baking dish. It would be much better with more then one though if you try it! Maybe add something different into each of them!

Then I filled up Novas glass with vinegar and gave her the syringe!

I told her there was something inside so she was so excited to figure out what that was! She kept asking which of her toys were hidden in it!

It was really neat because the glitter would stay in the center of the dish – and not make its way to the edges.

And as she got to the end she was so excited to see how much glitter there really was and see what was inside!

She found gems! Not just one… but two! 💎

This was pretty much the same as the fizzing experiment we did with the dinosaurs hidden inside the eggs. The only difference is we added glitter and a different food colouring. Plus I didn’t freeze this one before we did it (like the other experiment called for) but it still worked exactly the same way so in the future we will skip that step! It just makes the eggs harder, but as long as you don’t add too much water, it holds up just fine without freezing.

The link just shows how to make the moon rocks – what you decide to do with them after is up to you!

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