Fall Scavenger Hunt 🍁

We got up today and got Nova ready for wacky hair day and school (hence the blue and red hair in the pictures!). It was pretty chilly out, but we knew we still wanted to do something outside after school if we could before it gets too cold and winter hits.

I told Curtis we should take Nova somewhere for a fall scavenger hunt. I found a couple different printables on Pinterest. I printed one out and taped it onto a paper bag.

I also printed out a second sheet incase she wanted to find some more stuff!

We headed down to MacDonald Island Park where there is a walking trail near the golf course, and went to scavenging.

Nova had to find things like flowers, leaves, rocks, sticks. Because of the time of year a couple were a little bit hard to do but we improvised!

Along our walk we went down to river and found some art statues that Nova just loved.

We decided to go off the trail a little (thanks to Curtis!) and ended up in a bunch of dead trees and bush, but we found our way out eventually!

We had never gone out to this little trail before but we definitely will go there more often after today. It’s a beautiful spot. I would like to take Nova back for another scavenger hunt in the spring or summer. See what kind of flowers and stuff she can find then.

This is Nova with her scavenger hunt bag full of stuff! Plus she added extra leaves, flowers and twigs on the walk back to the car because she had some crafts in mind.

She said she wanted to make a “garden” on construction paper. So she grabbed some paper and started gluing the things she found to it and added a couple drawings as well.

While Nova did this, I made a wreath for the door with some of our leaves. I love making a different wreath for each season.

Since I needed to use the hot glue gun, and Nova wanted to make her garden, I just went ahead and made this one quick. Such a easy and pretty piece to add to the house for fall! 🍂

I hot glued a string to it afterwards so that I could hang it up on the inside of the front door since we already have some Halloween decorations on the outside.  Since our door is glass it was hard to get a picture of the wreath in the daylight. Too much glare!

Want to try it? Here is the printout for the one I taped to the bag.  


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