Decorative Pumpkins!

I really like fall, it’s definitely my favourite season – sweaters, boots, leaves and Halloween! We are so ahead of ourselves with Halloween this year, but oh well! We already decorated our front door with some stuff I got from the dollarstore, and yesterday we started decorating inside the house!

I saw at our grocery store that they started selling mini pumpkins – they are so cute and really cheap! I had just one mini white one on the counter and Nova saw it and freaked out! She wanted to stay home from school just to decorate it, but I told her school first then pumpkins! While she was at school I went and purchased a few more and setup a station at home with a couple different ways to decorate our pumpkins without carving!

So I knew for sure I had to try the melted crayon one after seeing it on Pinterest. All you need to do is take the paper off of wax crayons, and break the pieces to fit into the crevices on the top of the pumpkin, then blow dry it!

TIP: If you try this one, make your crayons a little bit shorter. The tips just dropped into the tray I had under it and wasn’t actually melting down the pumpkin. So a little shorter and I believe there would be less waste. Make sure you have a bin or tray underneath that you don’t mind getting messing, and well, wrecked with wax! I have a couple roasting trays at home we use for crafts.

⬆️ There is miss Nova heating up the crayons!

And a couple videos of how cool it looks! ⬇️

The end result of this one is so cool! Just be prepared to place it somewhere for decoration and leave it there because the wax will chip off the pumpkin! I think next year I’ll even do it with a big pumpkin and put it on the step! Or… there’s still time this year 😉

We added our own touch afterwards by using Mod Podge on the stem and making it sparkly! (We ended up doing this on all our pumpkins because Nova loved it!)

Want to try it?

Next I came up with the idea to wrap elastics around the pumpkin and let Nova paint it. I thought this would work out better then it did, so it’s really just a painted pumpkin haha.

If we used darker colors I think it would’ve turned out with the lines! Plus she got impatient and didn’t want to paint anymore!

For the next pumpkin I just let Nova cover it in gems and eyes! She loved this. Definitely the best for toddlers!

And afterwards we did a sparkly purple stem!

The next one I made because I wanted one with some sort of glittery spots! I used sparkly gold hot glue sticks and purple sequins. Then Nova made a gold stem for me!

I also bought a pack of gords so that we could decorate a few for a bowl on the counter. These look so festive I love it!

I added glitter to some, left some as is and wrote “BOO” on another one!

After all was done we displayed the pumpkins on our tv stand 🎃 (and Rover needed to be in the picture too!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

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