Glitter Volcano 

Nova has been asking questions about volcanos lately so I’ve been searching for a volcano experiment that would be a little different then just the typical clay one 🌋

I came across this glitter volcano and I knew she’d love that considering how much she loves glitter! Plus we still have so much vinegar to use….

This one is nice and simple. Pick out a vase or funky shaped glass and put it in the middle of a casserole dish or long shallow Tupperware.

For this experiment you need vinegar, dish soap, baking soda and as much glitter as you want! Super easy!

You start off with 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the bottom of your glass.

Then you add a small bit of dish soap and lots of glitter! I buy these packs of glitter from the dollar store and they are awesome. It’s only $2 for 6 packs!

Nova added glitter… more glitter… and more glitter!

Once you’ve added those three things, give it a stir. I set Nova up with her syringe and vinegar and got her to put in some vinegar! It definitely takes a few syringes full before it starts to go over the edge.

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]
She just kept adding vinegar and glitter kept overflowing!

I had an idea to add some food colouring to the top and see what happens… well she loved that! The result was neat! When she would squirt the vinegar onto the top, it would push down purple into the glass!

Purple was over-flowing into a pool of glitter! ⭐️

She played in this concoction for so long! She loved it!

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