Airplane Entertainment ✈️

Well…. We made it to Newfoundland! I had been working at some different activities to keep Nova busy for the plane rides there and back.

The first thing I made was an activity binder. I wanted something that had lots of different activities for her to learn from.

This binder is full of math, puzzles, colouring paging, the alphabet, bingo dotter mysteries, mazes, colour by number, spot the differences and tons of other fun stuff!

Nova would see me working on the binder and ask to try some of the pages. It’s great because she’s learning and she loves doing it!

I also have stickers in the book. Some of the activity pages I printed involve adding x amount of stickers to help with counting.

Nova picked the search and find farm book when we were at Walmart. It’s really neat because the front page has stickers that have to be added into different pages of the book before you start colouring. It’s a good book for learning and paying attention to numbers and then she gets to colour the page afterwards.

Next I made a busy bag with building blocks. You will need small wood blocks (I got mine from the dollar store) and Velcro pieces. I found mine at Walmart in the craft section.

I bought one of the hard shell pencil cases from the dollar store to keep them in. Easy to pack and Nova can build right in the lid.

Novas backpack also has the following – bingo dotters, magnetic hangman, mini chalkboard with eraser & chalk, clay, mini tic tac toe and flash cards (subtraction, addition and go fish).

Bingo dotters are 100ml each so no issues with bringing them on the plane ✈️

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Nova did some of her activity book on our third, and last, flight to get to Newfoundland. She loves the ones where she gets to use bingo dotters! Luckily Nova sleeps a lot on the plane so there was no need for constant entertaining!

She also saw the clay in there and loved that! She made a crocodile right off the bat! 🐊

Having this backpack of stuff was also very helpful when we were out visiting with family to keep Nova busy! If she got bored she would just grab something from her bag! Nowadays we have iPads and cell phones to entertain our kids, but I like to have some other options available to avoid the constant screen time.

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