Fizzing Dinosaurs 

Since Nova loved the fizzing experiment we did with all the colours, I decided to look for something else we could do with baking soda and vinegar – plus we still have lots of vinegar we need to use up! 

I came across this experiment where you make “eggs” out of baking soda, food colouring and water and put a toy dinosaur inside. Nova loves dinosaurs so I knew she’d get a kick out of this one. 

I made the eggs on my own so that they could freeze overnight as I would be picking up Nova from school the next day. Then she didn’t have to wait as she’s a little impatient when it comes to this kind of stuff! We could just jump right into the experiment this way! 

First I split the baking soda into two containers. The link shows that a box usually makes three eggs, but since we did that fizzing experiment last week, we already used some of the box. So I figured I’d only have enough left for two eggs. 

**I had to run out an grab something to go with dinner so I grabbed another baking soda so I could make two more eggs – yellow and red! 

All you need to do is drop food colouring all over the baking soda – as much or as a little as you’d like – and then mix it all together. It’ll feel similar to kinetic sand. 

Then you slowly add water to make a paste like consistency and make your egg/ball shape. Push the dinosaur, or animal of choice, into the middle and patch up the egg. (Novas have two dinosaurs, a unicorn and a horse). 

TIP: Don’t add too much water or else it makes the baking soda really mushy and it’s hard to shape an egg. My second batch I definitely added to much water. So I’m hoping they freeze quick and hold together! 

We didn’t have parchment paper, so I used wax paper and individually packed the eggs to put in the freezer. 

I picked Nova up from school and told her what experiment we were doing and she was SO excited. 

So my green egg was perfect, blue broke in half, and red and yellow were stuck to the wax paper because they were too wet going in…. so overall not total success but they still react with the vinegar so oh well! 

Nova told me that this was her “most favourite experiment ever” so that made my day! ⭐️

She LOVED trying to guess what the animal was before she saw it – I didn’t tell her what was inside before she started! 

I started with the squeeze bottles but she went through them so fast so I went back to using a syringe and glass of vinegar. 

This was really cool to watch. All the fizzing, bubbling and mixing of colors! 

Want to try it?

And when it’s all done…. you have this black looking liquid! This isn’t an experiment for the kids to play in afterwards or else their hands will get dyed. Unless you want to throw some gloves on your child! 

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