Yarn Jewelry 

When I was younger I used to make yarn bracelets ALL the time and set up little stands at our house and campsite to sell them – Curtis likes to remind me how nerdy I am for that 🤓

But I was pretty into it – I had more balls of yarn then an old lady who knits everyday if I’m being honest 👵🏻

I had told her that I used to set up a jewelry stand after she was trying to come with ideas for a stand in the driveway. 

Then she starting asking me to show her how to make them. I bought her 5 colors of yarn and taught her how to make a simple design. 

She chose pink and orange for her first bracelet. This is so much cheaper then buying one of those bracelet making kits. She can easily add in beads that we have at the house already and it only cost me $20 for the yarn. Which will last her a long time! 

She still hasn’t taken off the bracelet since she made it. After that she went on to make a necklace as well as a bracelet for pops. 

Little Nova taking over my childhood business 😉 She’s changed her mind on prices a few times now… first she thought she had to pay people when she gave them a bracelet, then it was $100, then it was $1. So if she makes her mind up on a reasonable price I’ll let you all know! 

I made this one and Nova asked if we could give it to auntie as a present! 

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