Disappearing Egg Shell 🥚

A few days ago we wanted to get out and enjoy the weather so we decided to set up an experiment that could just sit for awhile and we could check on it later. We started it at 9am and that way Nova could check on it different times throughout the day. 

I came across this one where you soak an egg in vinegar. Seems simple enough for a little experiment. All you need is one egg, vinegar and a glass or mason jar.  

I got Nova to put the egg in the glass and I poured the vinegar over it since it’s a brand new bottle so it was heavy. 

Nova said she wanted to watch it until it started to change but I told her that could take awhile! 

By 2:30pm (it had been soaking for 5.5 hours), the vinegar was bubbling all over the egg. 

I took another picture at 2pm the NEXT day and it was almost ready to go! 

By the time the egg looks like this you can rub it and gel like substance the shell turned into to will just rub off. But we decided to leave it a little longer! 

We left the egg for two whole days and this is what it looked liked ⬇️

This is the comparison to a raw egg! 🥚

I told Nova she would be able to bounce the egg like a bouncy ball! ⬇️ 

I explained to Nova what a hypothesis was and asked her what she thinks will happen if we cut into the egg. We thought that we would be able to cut it in half and then the yolk spill out. Boy were we wrong! Nova tried to cut it and the egg just popped! See the video here ⬇️

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