Fizzing Colors 

I’ve been dying to try this one because Nova loves anything with food colouring – and this one fizzes! We have eight different colours of food colouring so this was her chance to go wild with all of them! 

I love experiments like this that are so easy to set up, need minimal ingredients and get an awesome end result. 

This one is great for kids because all we needed was a baking dish (or any shallow dish you have around the house), food colouring, baking soda and vinegar. 

TIP: The link does state using gloves or glasses depending on how your child is with this kind of stuff. Nova is really careful so I didn’t worry about either. 

First, I let Nova put drops on the baking dish of each color of food colouring. 

Then I covered a thin layer of baking soda inside the entire dish. 

I filled a glass with vinegar for Nova and gave her a syringe. All she had to do was suck up some vinegar and squirt it onto the baking soda! 

TIP: Depending on how coordinated your child is and what age, a squeeze bottle with vinegar is also an option 

Here’s a video of how it turned out! ⬇️

And after awhile it was still fizzing but just small amounts. I had to show her that there was still baking soda in the edges! 

Nova just wanted to play and mix the colors by the end 💜 

TIP: The link shows putting the baking soda in and then dropping the food colouring – either way would work but I liked the idea of “hiding” the colors underneath instead. 

Want to try it?

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