Salt Painting 🎨


As shown below we did an attempt at salt painting awhile back, but it didn’t really work as we didn’t have the right materials. I tried to experiment with it but it’s defiantly not a craft you can modify!

We finally got stock paper (which we use ALL the time now and I can’t believe it took us this long to get it!). Nova also got water colours for Christmas.

Nova started by making glue squiggles all over a piece of card stock. There are a million different things you could make when it comes to this craft! Nova said she wanted to make squiggles 😋

Once she was finished with that I poured salt all over the paper over the sink. Nova then started to use her water colours! Just touching the paint brush to the salt is all you need to do. The salt sucks up the colour! It’s really neat.

This is a great craft to keep your child entertained for awhile! It takes time to get all of the salt coloured and Nova was on a mission to do so!

Loved the end result of this one! This turned out so much better then last time! We were able to keep it and hang it up on the craft board because there was no warping of the paper and it wasn’t soaking wet! I recommend sticking to the proper materials for this one 🙂

Here is the link Nova saw to decide on the squiggles! I love the idea of trying her name out as well!


I’ve had this one saved on my phone for so long and after seeing a friend had done it with her son, I needed to try it with Nova!

Defiantly didn’t start this one off properly because we didn’t have water colors, so I mixed paint with water to see how it would work. It doesn’t! We switched to food colouring that’s the way to go.

TIP: You are supposed to use stock paper and we didn’t have any, so I taped two pieces of contruction together. Stock paper would defiantly be better.

I made the shape of the jelly fish for Nova and she filled it in with glue.

Then I gave her the container of salt and she poured it over all the glue!

I love how this turned out! The way the colours soak into the salt is super cool. Nova loved dotting onto the salt and watching it spread.

Want to try it?

Nova told me she wanted to make a video for YouTube so here she is!

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