Paint & Eggs With Auntie! 🥚

Nova had her first sleepover with auntie Cora Leigh and uncle Ryan while we were in Edmonton during the week.

Cora Leigh told me she was scrolling Pinterest looking for something for the two of them to do. She came across this and knew that Nova would love it! What kid wouldn’t love the chance to throw some eggs! 🥚

They poked the top of each egg, dumped out the yolk, and replaced it with paint. I even see some sparkles in there too! Cora Leigh bought a couple canvases to set up in the yard.

And then she began to throw the eggs! 🎨

I love this picture that Cora Leigh got! Shows the paint splashing out of the egg!

The final masterpieces! 🎨🥚⬆️

So glad Nova has an auntie like Cora Leigh. They adore each other  and Nova couldn’t stop telling Curtis and I how much fun she had at aunties house!

Want to try it?

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