Mermaid “Whirlpool”

As stated before, Nova loves mermaids and sensory bottles! Well we had this small mermaid that came out of a fizzing egg from the dollar store. So I pitched her the idea of putting that mermaid into an “ocean” bottle and she loved that. 

With another Fiji water bottle we had at home, we put 3/4 water and she added three packs of glitter (greens & blues) and then the baby oil (other 1/4 of the bottle). Adding the baby oil on top of the sparkles makes it look bubbly and it looks pretty cool. She then added in her mermaid and I hot glued the bottle shut.

TIP: I think 1/2 water 1/2 baby oil would’ve been a better choice. Would look more sparkly when it’s sitting! 

I fill up the bottle with water first and then Nova added in three packs of sparkles. 

Then she filled the rest with baby oil! 

We had some dollar store sequins lying around that she put in there too! 

I gave it a super shake and it made a whirlpool like movement with the mermaid spinning around and Nova couldn’t stop laughing at it – hence why I named the post after it!

Now Nova has three bottles and can’t decide which one to play with and when! 

So she just plays with all three haha. 

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