Grow Your Own Geodes 

Nova loves loves loves science experiments! This popped up on my Pinterest the other day and I knew she’d want to try this one. 

Nova also loves rocks, stones and gems. She did a mining activity with my mom at the Calgary Corn Maze last summer and she still plays with the same rocks and stones she got from that over a year ago. 

I am usually 100% against anything with borax, but since she didn’t have to touch it to do this experiment I was okay with this one. 

Want to try it?

Whichever color pipe cleaner you choose, is the color the geode will be as the crystals form around it. Nova chose to try gold and green for our first time. 

While the water was boiling in the kettle, I let Nova scoop out the borax into the mason jars. 

TIP: This size mason jar totally wasn’t necessary but I had used these when I did the steel wool mixture for our wood wall. Since I knew they wouldn’t handle food, we just used these and made the strings longer. 

Then Nova added a few drops of food colouring to match the pipe cleaner colour. *We only did three drops but defiantly could’ve put more. 

HINT: I just swirled the mason jar to mix in the borax but I would recommend actually stirring it. A lot was sitting at the bottom when I took out the geodes so I think stirring it may have made them crystallize more. 

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