Lava Lamp Bottle

This experiment is something that Curtis had been saying for awhile he wants to try with Nova. We were both off work one day so we picked up what we needed and decided to make it after supper.

Experiments like this are my favourite because they are so easy to do, require very little materials and Novas face just lights up seeing the changes.

Want to try it? ⬇️

The link we used says to make three bottles but we just made the one for today. Easy enough to make another and add a different food colouring some other time.

First Nova filled up the bottle a little over half with vegetable oil, and I filled the rest with water.

Then she added in blue food colouring and 1/4 of a Alka Seltzer tablet.

We dropped 1/4 of a tablet at a time for two tablets, but then we started putting in almost a whole one at once and it looked much cooler in my opinion!

Curtis put his phone under the bottle with the flash light on and it looked really neat but was to bright in the kitchen. We have blackout curtains in our bedroom so we took the bottle and flashlight in there and tried it. So cool!

] TIP: We are thinking that the next time we try this, we will put a glow stick in it!


TIP: We started getting carried away and adding lots of tablets at a time – just a warning that it will overflow if you get to crazy with it!!! We overflowed it onto the counter near the end 🤦🏼‍♀️

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