Emoji Faces 😍

Nova and I were at the dollar store the other day and she saw a styrofoam ball. She asked if we could get one, and I asked her what craft she had in mind. Immediately she said “I’m going to make an emoji! I can paint it yellow and cut out shapes and make a face to put on it!!” She just came up with on right on the spot and I couldn’t say no with how excited she was!

We grabbed the ball and we were about to leave when she saw some giant eyeballs. She said she needed those too because emojis have “big eyes”.

When we got home I poured some yellow paint into a bowl and gave Nova a paintbrush. I stuck a wood kabob stick into the styrofoam ball so that she could paint around the whole ball without getting paint all over her hands.

I asked her what emoji she wanted to make and she said the one with the heart eyes, but then she realized she had her giant eyeballs to use also. I offered her the idea of making it double sided so that she could have two faces on one ball!

I cut her out some red heart eyes and two mouths. We let the ball stand up on its stick in a glass to dry and then hot glued on the faces.

I love when she comes up with crafts all on her own. Her brain just puts something together and then she’s gotta try it!

She was so happy with the turn out on this and how it matched her shirt! (😍😮)

TIP: I think if the faces were made smaller you might even be able to get four faces on there!

Another idea for this type of craft would be purchasing a couple small styrofoam balls and making a bunch of separate emoji faces!

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