Paper Bag Puppets 🦊

During the summer we went to Calgary to visit my parents. We had my best friend Chloe over for dinner one night and Nova just loves her. Ever since Chloe played “teacher” with her, Nova just adores her.

I’m so grateful for Chloe making time for Nova and making her feel so special. Nova loves the people who show her attention and make time to do things with her, and I’m so happy that her and Chloe get along so well ❤️

Nova wanted to make a craft with Chloe so I pulled out the paper bags and construction paper I brought with us. The two of them made some wonderful animal puppets!

I helped Nova cut out the shapes she needed and she glued everything on. The possibilities are endless for this craft! So many different animals you can make.

Chloe made a fox, and Nova made a ladybug/sloth!


Here’s another link for paper bag puppets! Who doesn’t love monsters!?

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