Elephant Toothpaste!

Nova had seen a video on YouTube for this experiment and asked so many times to try it but I kept forgetting to pick up yeast when I was at the grocery store! We’ve done this 100 times since then and it is hands down Novas favourite experiment!

Elephant toothpaste is so easy to do and has such a cool reaction! Nova loves being able to choose what color she wants it to be, and sometimes we even add in some glitter!

Want to try it? Here’s how! ⬇️

Firstly, get all of your ingredients together. Nova had chosen green food colouring for this batch but changed her mind to red when it was time to add it to the bottle!

Nova wanted me to do the first couple batches because she wanted to watch so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve liked for step-by-step breakdown, but the picture above gives you all the steps.

We definitely never mix the yeast long enough because Nova gets too excited and just wants it poured in quickly! But I believe it’ll make more of an effect if you stir it longer as it does state “until bubbles form”.

The reaction on her face is my favourite!!

Here’s a video to show how it plays out – this was our second batch! 

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