I have been working on an activity book for Nova to do on the plane ride to Newfoundland next month. She’s watched me print out a ton of different activity pages and has been testing some out to see how she likes them. Plus I can see how fast she does them and which ones take up a little more time.

I’ve found printables for pretty much everything you can imagine from Pinterest and they were all free! Instead of going and buying an activity book from the store that she would get through in no time (and cost way more) I figured I could make her her own binder.

So far it’s full of kindergarten math problems, colouring pages, bingo marker activities, number activities from 0-20, forming words, mazes – and so much more! I’ll post all my plane activities when we go on vacation 😊

She was working on some different learning activities today and I want to share some of those pages!

Firstly, bingo marker mysteries! She had to dab the correct letter with the color stated at the top. The one she did today were about letters “R” and “P”.

The bingo markers come in a 6 pack at Walmart – in the same section as boards games!

The next one involves short words – identifying and writing. This printable has 10 pages with 10 different words. Today we did the word “of”. 

NOTE: This one you need to register for but they ask for limited information and I haven’t received any junk mail or anything from them. Plus there’s a TON of other free  printables you can get from this site too!

We also did a bunch of mazes! Nova loves these. I just used google images for this Peppa Pig one!

Here are a few other links to check out! 😊

My Alphabet Book:

Winter Activities: 

Beginning Sounds Worksheets:

2 thoughts on “Printables”

  1. Ashley your amazing the way you have adapted to being a super mom is incredible. We are very proud of you, it’s tough enough when you start from o. There is nothing in world as wonderful as the love/ loving of a child. And there’s no harder job in the world then being a stepmom. Congrats it sure looks like your doing a great job.


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