First Attempts Of Slime

Months and months Nova was asking to make slime because of videos she saw on YouTube but I didn’t want to make one with borax in it. I finally found one that was easy and did not have borax in it and knew we had to try it!

We met up with my parents in Edmonton for Easter and it ending up showing the entire time. We stayed in the trailer most of the time so it was up to us to find Nova stuff to keep her occupied!

My parents had picked up some supplies from Walmart in the U.S for me so we were able to try slime while we were camping!

We started off by measuring everything as stated in the recipe below. I found that extra starch is needed. Just keep adding small amounts of it until it no longer sticks to your hands.

Nova was in heaven! She loved adding plastic figures and animals into it and the slime comes off them nice and easy, so no mess!

TIP: Whenever Nova pulls out a smile to play with now, I add a small splash of liquid starch to it. This keeps the slime from sticking!

You can use glitter glue, white glue, or clear glue. Sparkles, food colouring or confetti!

This is another one we did – white glue with confetti! And she has her horses & unicorns playing in there! The possibilities are endless!

Want to try it?

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