Sensory Bottles

I love the idea of sensory bottles. There are so many different ways to make them and plus they are SO easy. At age 5, Nova loves these and she keeps herself occupied for hours just watching what happens!

The first one we made was called a Galaxy Bottle and it turned out so cool! The oil and water separate, but when you shake it up, it looks just like the galaxy full of stars.

Nova would shake it and stare at it while it seperated again, and then shake it up again. This went on for at least an hour.

The bottle I used for this one was left over from a juice I had at Starbucks the day before. You could use any bottle really, but I liked the square shape for this one!

TIP: Once we were done making the bottle, I hot glued the lid onto the bottle and then hot glued all around the edge of the seal as well. Just incase!

Want to try it? 

A few days later Nova asked me if we could make another bottle so I went searching again. This time I found Magic Bottles. She wanted something that was clear (she wanted to be able to see through the bottle once she shook it).

I added the liquids to the bottle and then put it in the sink so that Nova could add her confetti to it! Her favourite part is adding colours and glitters to the bottle!

I used another square bottle for this one – Fiji water from the gas station 😊

Want to try it?

TIP: I also used the glue gun on this lid too! Can never be too safe!

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