Bedroom Renovations

We recently redid Novas room from purple to teal – mermaid themed. I found some wicked ideas on Pinterest (as always!) to transform her room like no other.

1. I redid her dresser. I painted each drawer a different color and used some mix and match flower knobs to tie it together. Eventually I think I’ll paint the rest of the brown to white. It’s just such a pain to sand down first!

2. I used mod podge and silver sparkles to make the light switches tie into a mermaid theme! I was really happy with the turn out here!

3. Crates! I saw a couple different ideas of how to hang crates up for storage and decided to make some vibrant ones to add pops of colour to her room! (This is also how I decided to paint the drawers on the dresser to match!) I started with sanding down the crates and and painting them white. I then painted the inside either pink, orange, blue or purple. I let Nova pick which four colours she wanted. I used peel and stick adhesive from Canadian Tire and cut pieces to fit inside!

Here is one of the links that gave me this idea.

4. Decals! I literally searched everywhere (so I thought) for mermaid related decals that were peel and stick and weren’t the little mermaid. I was at our local dollar store one day and there was a huge sheet of mermaid decals! $6 and they look AWESOME!

A couple weeks later I went back to find some other decals to fill in around the crates and added some butterflies and flowers. (Couldn’t get a good enough picture of those because of the lighting and placement).

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