Gardening 🌸

Nova had been asking to garden and plant flowers back when there was still snow on the ground. This year we planted a ton of different flowers and got Nova a small watering can do she could water them all herself. 

And sunflowers!? I can’t believe how much they grow! We have replanted them three times since we originally planted them. The pot we started in was only 2inches high (we didn’t think we’d actually keep them alive!) and now they are growing like crazy and about to bloom! 

We got Nova a small watering can from the dollarstore so that she could water the small plants on her own. 

Strawberries was on our list to plant this year! We only ended up getting a couple strawberries out of plants, but the couple we did get were really good! Nova loved being able to pick her own fruit to eat. We are hoping to have more of a garden with vegetables next year 🍓

I was so grateful when Curtis made me this planter box out of a pallet and spray painted it for me while I was at work. It looked so good on the deck and we plan on having more next year too! 

We did a bunch of small plants on the table this year because Nova wanted to plant a whole bunch of different things! 🌷

My project was the plants on the front deck in the big pots. My mom actually helped me with these when my parents came up to visit. The sunflower is on its third replant because it kept growing out of the pots it was in! We couldn’t believe how fast and easy sunflowers are to grow! 🌻

We dug a garden this summer while my parents were up as well. Thank god for them being so handy! My mom has always had gardens and loves doing anything like this. Curtis has been dying to plant a lilac tree so that’s exactly what we did this year. It was recommended to us that we plant some shrubs around it too so we did so! We can’t wait to see how it all grows over the years to come 🌱

This was our sunflower after just a month or so. It started off in a tiny pot that was only a couple inches tall and wide. We plan on digging a garden in front of the new fence next year, so I’m hoping to get some more sunflowers on the go! 🌻

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