Dragon Eggs 🐲

These dragon eggs were a HUGE hit on Facebook and is actually one of the crafts that got me into blogging in the first place! Nova was so excited when she saw this craft. She has so many gems and diamonds so this was the perfect craft to use them.

Firstly you need air-dry clay or you can make your own clay. We used to make this stuff from scratch but now that I know how cheap I can get a container for, never again!

I made up two egg shapes out of the clay. You are supposed to dye the clay before hand, but I didn’t have time to prep this one. I just gave Nova some water with food colouring in it and let her paint it onto the egg.

Nova asked for purple and teal. She made her egg purple and teal, and I made a teal one. Painting on water color makes the clay nice and wet which makes sticking the gems in a lot easier. It does take much longer to dry though! We left ours overnight and they were still slightly damp the next day.

Nova had gems, diamonds and buttons on hers! Too cute. This was the final result! While they were drying we made a “nest” for the eggs to go in out of clay. Nova painted that with an orange water color and chose a few gems to stick on it.

This picture is from quite a long time after hence the cracking on the eggs. I just wanted to add in what Novas “nest” looked like 😋

I want to try this again but actually dye the clay first as the link states! I think the cracking is because of us painting on the food colouring and water, making it really wet. Just goes to show that not everything turns out exactly as plans, but Nova still had fun making them!

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