Butterfly Snacks 🦋

My mom sent me a picture of these when she was watching tv one day and Nova saw it on my phone and instantly yelled “can we make those?!”

We planned on going to the water park a few days later so I told her to wait a couple days for a snack to take there. Nova made one for herself and one for her friend! We put blueberries and goldfish in ours!

Nova is such a good eater. Most of the time she’ll pick a fruit or a vegetable over junk food. Even when we go out for lunch she’ll choose vegetables over fries 99% of the time. I know that not every child is easy when it comes to getting them to eat healthy. Making the snack fun once in awhile can definitely help!

Want to try it? http://m.forkly.com/food/fun-food-for-kids-10-cool-and-healthy-snacks/2/

The link above shows how to make this snack as well as 9 other fun snacks!

I also cut Novas vegetables into shapes sometimes because she loves it! I recently made flowers with cucumbers and peppers. She was so excited. Ate it all and asked for seconds.

I also use cookie cutters to make her pancakes on some mornings. Something different and I love how excited she gets to eat them! These ones were from Christmas time! I have a huge container of Christmas cookie cutters.

It’s so easy to add a little fun into your child’s snacks and meals! And I find the food goes down pretty quick this way too 😉

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